Transtalo Translation System

The Transtalo Translation System is an automatic translator for UNIX systems. The source language is independend of the target language (and vice versa), because there are different input and output modules for all supported languages.

The input and output modules communicate with each other through XML files that describe single sentences. An input module translates a sentence into an XML file, and an output module translates such XML file into a human language sentence.

At this time, there are only two modules: an Esperanto input module, sou you can translate from Esperanto; and a Dutch output module, to translate into Dutch.

Test Transtalo using the testcase

I would like to invite you to the Transtalo IRC channel:, channel #transtalo.

Transtalo Translation System 0.3 released!

Release 0.3 is released. See the release page for more information.


If you translate the sentence '^Cu en la urbo la malgrandaj infanoj vidis viron?', which means 'Did the little children see a man in the city?', from Esperanto into Dutch, the Esperanto input module generates this XML file.

Then the Dutch output module translates the XML file as 'Zagen de kleine kinderen een man in de stad?', which is correct. This is all done using the following command:

transtalo translate eo nl "^Cu en la urbo la malgrandaj infanoj vidis viron?"

At this time only simple sentences can be translated. You are welcome to help if you want.

You can contact me about everything at tijmen AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.